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How to Learn Piano Like Never Before - Online Experience

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

The year 2020 with its global pandemic is challenging for all educators including piano teachers. Though musicians who teach piano might have some advantage.

When everybody rushed to adapt to a new reality, we here at our Piano Studio Gradus ad Parnassum stayed cool: really, I have used Zoom and Skype for piano lessons since 2013 when I had some international students asking for lessons and consultations.

And now technology is even better, particularly Zoom with "enabled original sound". What beneficial is that as a practicing musician I can demonstrate closely an interpretation and technique back to a student from the comfort of my favorite piano and even set a YouTube clip of some great playing to share with a student.

Before COVID-19 pandemic we used to teach piano students of all levels from cities around San Francisco Bay Area like Fremont, Pleasanton, Castro Valley, Mountain View, Palo Alto. Now we truly enjoy international status connecting with students from China, Croatia, United Kingdom. So, at least we managed to get something positive in a time of unfortunate uncertainty.

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