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Discover your hidden talents

and unique gifts in our studio

in Hayward, CA.


We are more than piano teachers, we are international concert pianists!


What Do We Teach?

With us, you explore the world of music, performance, technique, aural training, theory, history,

arts and beyond.  

Whether you wish to learn piano like a professional player or just for the enjoyment of music, whether you wish to get piano lessons for your kid or as an adult, you found the perfect place!

Take up a new challenge and 

schedule a Trial Lesson with no obligation.


We actually play piano

Pleasanton 1.jpg

Not all piano teachers play piano, we do: from something easy like Beethoven’s 

Für Elise up to the hardest Rachmaninoff’s Third Piano Concerto.


So you get the best piano lessons from a real pianist demonstrating how to play, not just talking about it.


Besides, if you need an accompanist, we can play any concerto with you.

Did you know?


Our piano method is based on the world’s best Russian and European traditions, particularly those of the famed Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.


Our teacher genealogical tree goes back to Beethoven himself! Find out here

Aim high

Gold Medal with tri-color ribbon.png

Our students have won piano competitions ranging from local ones like USOMC to the world tops like

Queen Elisabeth International.

They have received Certificates and Diplomas from ABRSM and RCM.

Based on their piano portfolios they were admitted to Stanford University, Berkeley University, San Francisco Conservatory, 

Vanderbilt University, Royal Academy of Music and Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

What does it mean?


The Latin phrase “Gradus ad Parnassum” means "Steps to Parnassus”, a mount in Greece where God Apollo and Muses celebrated music, arts, and sciences. 


Instructionally, the phrase is used to refer to gradual and steady progress, leading toward exceptional achievement.


“I have gained a better appreciation for music with Temirzhan’s help and enthusiasm for music”

Constance Millecan,

Graduate from San Francisco Conservatory


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